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I.I.S.S. Francesco Redi

I.I.S.S. Francesco Redi

Project Date / Release: 2008

Back in 2008 the High School "Francesco Redi" in Squinzano had a very old-styled website, not manageable or updatable, built in HTML 4.0 and with a very low amount of information.

In the same year, two schools were merged into a bigger Institute and they needed a brand new website to reflect the new common identity.

From an idea of Luca Marzo, with the collaboration of Stefania Del Vecchio and the Prof. Maria Gatto, after the approval of the School Manager, the group started the development of a new official website.

The solution included two websites based on the Joomla CMS, one for each branch of the school and a landing page serving as common page. A complex web services set was launched, including mail, sites and documents, thanks to the use of Google Apps for Education.

The project was presented in late 2008 and deployed during 2009.

The website was then updated in 2010/11 after an additional school merge and was dismissed after the closure of the school in 2016.

Project Details

Status: Offline