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The Group

The Jecko Development group was founded on May 10, 2006 with the release of the first version of Game Pack, its flagship software. Shortly after, the group published a text editor, a web browser and a collection of free truetype fonts.
The Group later started developing other software and since 2007 is active in the web design and web development fields.

10 May 2006


The Group has been founded together with the release of Game Pack 1.0

10 May 2006

21 Dec 2006

Air3 Special

The most played game is released as a standalone version.

10 May 2007

Game Pack 16 Gold Edition

The number of games and their quality is increased for a celebration release of the flagship software of the firm.

10 May 2007

23 May 2007

TrueType Collection

The group starts distributing fonts in TrueType format packing them into a "collection".

July 2007

First website published

The group moved its first steps in the web development

July 2007

11 Nov 2007


The Air3 game becomes a Christmas game.

23 Dec 2007

JD Notes

The first general purpose software of the group: a plain text editor.

23 Dec 2007

24 Aug 2008

JD Web Surfer

The first version of the simple browser developed by the group is released.

01 Jul 2009

JD Player

A multimedia player for Windows PCs.

01 Jul 2009

22 Nov 2009

JD Web Surfer moves to Webkit

JD Web Surfer gets a deep update and moved from the Trident rendering engine to WebKit, passing the ACID3 tests.

26 Oct 2010

Game Pack 19

The latest version of Game Pack is released with eighteen classic games.

26 Oct 2010

13 March 2011

JD LCD Rounded

The first font designed by the group got released. This marked the start of the "font foundry" activities.

April 2015

Autovelox Lecce

Release of the Autovelox Lecce platform to inform citizen about traffic cams in Salento.

April 2015

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