Jecko Development

Software Design, Web Development & IT Consulting Firm

Jecko Development is the nickname used by a group of friends signing thier ICT activities.

We mainly develop software, but we produce also computer fonts, websites, web applications, forum, videos and professional slideshows.

Jecko Development contributed to the Italian translation of the Ubuntu project and its members are active in several Open Source Projects, in particular the Joomla! CMS.

Our best-known product is Game Pack, first software of the group, but since 2008 the software production line was improved so now we produce and freely distribute a text editor, JD Notes, a lightweight web browser, JD Web Surfer and other softwares.

Jecko Development, produces also websites, web portals and dynamic web applications, such as WebTV and e-Commerce websites.


Web Development

We develop website and applications to bring your business online

Digital Transformation

We innovate your business' processes to be more agile and modern.

Software & Fonts

We publish software and free TrueType Fonts for your digital projects.


Jecko Development is an independent software developer (ISV) since 2006.

Game Pack 19

Re-Discover the emotions of videogames' classics with Game Pack 19. Arcade games, breakout, pong, car racing, flipper, Pac-Man, rally and so on!

JD TrueType Collection

A package of 600 free TrueType fonts for Windows OS. Try it and refresh your documents and graphics with brand-new exclusive fonts.

JD Air3 Special

Air3 Special is a remake of the best known classic videogames Breakout and Arkanoid.
Compatible with Windows OS.

Free TrueType Fonts

Jecko Development designs and distributes free TrueType typefaces.

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